Active Duty, Veterans & First Responders

Sacrifices are made every day by our Nation's Active Duty Military and First Responders. Our founding Partners Glenn Willbanks (USAF, Ret.) and Chad Wood (USN, Ret.) understood these sacrifices both during and after their service, and worked to ensure that those that serve are offered the highest standards of legal services at rates that acknowledged their commitment to Country.

Backed by a staff that has a deep appreciation for those that serve, Willbanks and Wood PLC is pleased to offer legal services at discounted rates to Active Duty, Veteran or First Responder (current or retired)*.  Discounts are available across all areas of practice, with some exceptions**, which we would be pleased to detail to you during an initial consultation.

For Estate Planning, we offer the convenience of our ONLINE Estate Planning Services. For all other matters, please feel free to contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Estate Planning

If you would like to see Active Duty, Veteran and First Responder exclusive pricing available through our ONLINE Estate Planning Services, and answers to many of our Frequently Asked Questions, please enter your information, and we will Email you login credentials to our secure Estate Planning Portal.

All other Legal Services

For Legal Services other than Estate Planning, please use the 'contact' form button below.

*Discounted pricing subject to confirmation of eligibility based on Active Duty, Veteran or First Responder status (current or retired).
**Discounts may not be available for 'statutory' matters, and are not available on fees, costs, court costs or any other third-party costs (including outside counsel, if required). Discounts apply solely to hourly rates for Willbanks and Wood PLC attorneys and staff. Each matter must be addressed for discounted rates on a case-by-case basis, as no two legal matters are the same. May not be combined with any other offer.


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